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Don’t Be Ashamed Of Your Story It Will Inspire Others

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Hard as I try, I do not work the Al-Anon program perfectly. Recently, I was face-to face with an active alcoholic who had been drinking heavily. I’ve been practicing Al-Anon for six years and it was as if I had regressed back to day one. I was aware of my regression but unable to find the right words, action or reaction to ease my discomfort. I was ashamed I wasn’t working the program perfectly for her sake. I experienced sadness and anger I wasn’t working the program perfectly for mine.

Flower with Bee

Men must not turn into bees that kill themselves in stinging others. By obsessing about what another person has done or not done I am prolonging my own suffering. I am tying myself to that person or event all over again. If I choose to forgive or forget, I am releasing the heart break and pain.