About Self-Health

Welcome to self-health.me!

Hi. I’m Angela (or Ang for short)— an Al-Anon Blogger

If you have ever been to an Al-Anon meeting (or an AA meeting) you know that meetings are often started by introducing ourselves. I say, “Hi. I’m Angela.” The group then replies “Hi Angela.” If you grew up in an Alcoholic home or you are currently adversely affected by someone else’s drinking or drug use you may feel, as I did, unheard or unloved. This simple greeting allows us to feel heard and acknowledged.

Hello World!

“Hello World!” is often the very first program used to teach new computer programmers a programming language. The program simply displays the words “hello world” on the screen. If you see the words on your screen after saving the file, your program works.

Well as we say in the Al-Anon program. “It works when I work it and it sucks when I don’t and I’m worth it.” And the day I truly started to believe “I’m worth it” is self-health. My self-health is worth it.

Al-Anon is teaching me a new language. I am undoing the “programming” (if you will) of my childhood. This is my journey to a happier, healthier me. Join me.

Recovery through Al-Anon

We have all heard of self help books and maybe we have even read a few. However, starting today I will coin the phrase “Self Health” (if someone hasn’t done it already).

In short, I choose to define “self-health” as a healthier, happier and better me.


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